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Danville, KY, USA


©2019 by Jessica Fibbe Birth & Breastfeeding Services.

- Pregnancy - Birth - Postpartum - Breastfeeding -

- Know Your Options - Know Your Rights -

Helping ease the transition to parenthood by providing education and support for pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding.

Baby's Grasp

Postpartum doula support for you and your family after you bring home your new baby. 

Postpartum Doula

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

A personalized private class to help you prepare to breastfeed your baby. Everything from latch to safe baby feeding.

Lactation Education

Pregnancy Dress

A chance to learn about all of your options and rights during pregnancy. Know what to expect in pregnancy and birth.

Prenatal Consulting


Learn everything you need to know to plan for the fourth trimester. Know what to expect and what's normal and what to look out for.

Postpartum Planning

Hands Up

A private consultation for those who are HSV positive and want to know more about how to safely birth and breastfeed your baby.

HSV Consultation

Professionally trained to help women and families  in pregnancy and postpartum.

Jessica Fibbe

Doula, Lactation Educator