Make baby's bath even more magical with this handmade herbal bath. It's made to order so that the herbs are the fresh and still hold many of their medicinal properties. Each herb was picked because of it's uses and benefits to your baby and their sensitive skin. The herbs help moisturize your baby's skin while also promoting a calm serene bath for baby to enjoy.


- Calendula, chamomile, and lavender are all calming herbs used to help relieve stress and improve sleep. They also act as anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents. Calendula is also a great herb for health issues such as diaper rash, ear infections, and dermatitis (eczema).

- Jojoba oil is a hypoallergenic oil that closely resembles the natural sebum that our bodies creates, therefore it will soften the skin without leaving an oily residue. Jojoba oil can also be used on your baby if they have cradle cap - what we refer to as dandruff in adults.

- Baking soda soothes the skin while also providing detoxifying properties when mixed with the sea salt. 

- Sea salt will not dry out skin like table salt while helping to fight off bacteria.

Not only does this herbal bath feel great on baby's skin, but it also smells wonderful. It offers a very relaxing aromatherapy that is great for baths before bedtime.




Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and these products are not intended to be used in place of medical practices. Note that herbs are just as dangerous as modern medicine if not used correctly so you should sure not to ingest the products unless otherwise noted. If you notice redness or a rash it could be an allergic reaction to one the herbs and you should stop use immediately.

An Herbal Earthside Welcome - Baby Herbal Bath

  • Due to the nature of the products there are no returns accepted.

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